Jenn Bruer

Jenn Bruer

Food Coaching

Let me help you gain healthy practices, behaviours,
and mindsets that improve outcomes.


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As a food coach I will walk you through some of the dietary interventions, supplements, and other healthy practices that I have found to be personally beneficial.


My goal is to empower you toward healthy practices, behaviours, and mindsets that improve outcomes.


I will challenge you to think differently about your body, and to break free from some of the negative constructs that prevent you from living your best life.

Food Coaching Prices

Take a look at my food coaching prices below. I cater my workshops to each individual during our 121 call, to help you achieve your unique goals whatever they may be.



Free Consultation

Your first 30-minute call with me is free and you can book me here! Our introductory call will show you how I can help you think differently about food, utilising my experience as a food coach to help you ahieve your goals.


*$300 delivered in-person



Coaching Call

Book a 1 hour 121 Zoom call with me whenever you feel you need it – if you need a reset, any questions answered, or any other support. You will guide these sessions with questions specific to diet and lifestyle.


*$500 delivered in-person

*Please note I am not a doctor or a dietician, I am merely able to help you as a mentor/coach and thus it is your responsibility to check in with your health care provider before making any changes to your health. 


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