How she healed herself: A burnout survivor’s roadmap to recovery

As a mother, foster parent, youth counsellor and wife, Jenn Bruer had it all: obesity, exhaustion, adult acne, mood swings, mild depression, asthma and allergies. In short, she was broken and burned out at the young age of 35.

“I perhaps thought I was superwoman and nothing could break me,” Bruer reflects. But she was wrong. “I was exhausted. I needed to find a way to get healthy.”

And so began her self-guided transformation to physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. That was 2011. Today she’s vibrant, happy and healthy after discovering the healing power of food, finding inner peace and learning the meaning of self-love.  

Now Bruer is sharing her tale of trials and triumphs in a book called Helping Effortlessly. “This book is my personal story. It’s filled with hope and tangible ways to begin a journey of healing, going far beyond the conventional solutions of self-care,” she says.

Burnout is a “rampant affliction” especially among the helping professions, according to Bruer, who hopes her book will help others heal.

With candour, courage and humour as her travel companions, Bruer retraces every intricate step along her very personal path from burnout to betterment. She invites readers to begin their own life-changing journey. Her book is packed with tips, practical information, anecdotes and mental exercises that challenge individuals to think differently about mind, body and spirit – from the food that goes into their mouth to the words that come out.

Bruer runs training workshops on burnout prevention and recovery, mindfulness, diet, and spirituality. She also creates recipes for her food blog, Living Grainlessly, where she encourages people to ditch processed foods in favour of home cooking. Bruer enjoys hiking, biking, yoga, meditation, and reading.

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