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My journey from burnout to recovery began back in 2011. Obesity, exhaustion, adult acne, mood swings, mild depression, asthma & allergies were the result of my burnout, and I knew I needed to make a huge change. From there I started on my own path of recovery towards health and healing.


Because of this, I now encourage others toward a similar path of wellness and self care, sharing my burnout survivor wisdom through events, workshops, and in my first book.


I currently live  in Ontario, Canada, with my wife and children. I love to keep busy and my passion has always been giving something back, which is why I’m a youth counsellor, retired foster parent, burnout prevention and recovery strategist, mindfulness teacher, keto diet expert, recipe writer, caterer and cooking instructor.

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"This truly is a book of inspiration as the title suggests! This book was wonderful, raw, and real. I felt like I was sitting in a counselling session with the author throughout her transformation."
Kyle Enns
Amazon Review
"Great read!! This was a fantastic book. Easy to read and very real, didn’t feel complicated. I was able to relate in so many ways. I have skimmed back through it several times since reading it.."
Carla D
Amazon Review

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Helping Effortlessly

At the young age of 35, I was broken and burned out. As a mother, foster parent, youth counsellor and wife, I wore many hats, which took its toll on my mental and physical health.

“Perhaps thought I was superwoman and nothing could break me.” But I was wrong. “I was exhausted. I needed to find a way to get healthy.”

And so began my self-guided transformation to physical, emotional and spiritual wellness! Now I’m sharing my personal story of trials and triumphs in my first book – Helping Effortlessly.

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