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Jenn Bruer

I reside in the suburb of Mississauga, Ontario with my wife and children. I am a counsellor, retired foster parent after 18 years of service, a burnout prevention and recovery speaker, mindfulness teacher, transformation coach, keto diet proponent, and parenting coach among other hats I passionately wear.

My Story

I have been on a path to burnout recovery, health, and healing since 2011 and now I encourage others toward a similar path of health and wellness.


I am also the parent of a son diagnosed with autism and was a foster parent for over 18 years. Now, armed with tangible parenting strategies,  I support other parents who may be experiencing parenting challenges.


I am a mindfulness teacher, curriculum writer, Board member of Canadian charitable organization Mindfulness Everyday®, and an advisory board member for MindfulReach.


I facilitate training workshops, coaching, and groups on topics like burnout recovery, stress management, mindfulness, sleep cycle hygiene and the circadian rhythm, parenting, foster parenting, the paleo diet, the keto diet, and a few other themes that I feel passionate about. 


I am a advocate for burnout prevention and recovery especially within helping fields. I believe a cultural shift is desperately needed and I want the world to know how undervalued professional helpers are. Professional helpers need more respect, funding, resources, and innovation. Simply put, our world needs to place more value on its helpers.


In my spare time I enjoy hiking among the trees, biking, writing, gardening, yoga, meditation, reading and, of course, cooking 🙂

My Book

Helping Effortlessly

A book of inspiration and healing.


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Keto Education & Support Group

Mondays from September 13th 2021 – Zoom Sessions

Mindfulness: A Powerful Advocacy Tool

July 27th 2021 – Online Webinar

Tuesday Talks with Tammy

Canadian Mental Health Association 

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Book Reviews

"This truly is a book of inspiration as the title suggests! This book was wonderful, raw, and real. I felt like I was sitting in a counselling session with the author throughout her transformation."
Kyle Enns
Amazon Review
"Highly recommend!! Bruer's book Helping Effortlessly is a real gem. I highly recommend this for anyone with or without burnout. The book is a simple and easy guide toward balance."
Andreina Carmina
Amazon Review
"Great read!! This was a fantastic book. Easy to read and very real, didn’t feel complicated. I was able to relate in so many ways. I have skimmed back through it several times since reading it.."
Carla D
Amazon Review

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