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How I healed myself:
a Burnout book on a survivor’s
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burnout book

Burnout book: prevention & recovery

Helping Effortlessly - A Self-Help Guide

As a mother, foster parent, youth counsellor and wife, I had it all: obesity, exhaustion, adult acne, mood swings, mild depression, asthma and allergies! In short, I was broken and burned out at the young age of 35.


I knew I needed to find a way to get healthy again. So I started my burnout recovery journey, creating my burnout book along the way – a story of inspiration and healing.


Today I am vibrant, happy and healthy after discovering the healing power of food, finding inner peace and learning the meaning of self-love! Share in my journey and find the inspiration you need to start your own in my book. 


burnout book

Book Reviews

"This truly is a book of inspiration as the title suggests! This book was wonderful, raw, and real. I felt like I was sitting in a counselling session with the author throughout her transformation."
Kyle Enns
Amazon Review
"Great read!! This was a fantastic book. Easy to read and very real, didn’t feel complicated. I was able to relate in so many ways. I have skimmed back through it several times since reading it.."
Carla D
Amazon Review


An Inspiring Journey....

This book is my personal story. 
It’s a story that starts with pure exhaustion, health issues and unhappiness. It’s a story that ends with vibrancy, healing and pure joy.
With candour, courage and humour, I retrace every intricate step along my very personal path from burnout to betterment, giving you an insider’s look into my vulnerable journey.
I invite you to begin your own life-changing journey, finding hope with tangible ways to begin your healing that go far beyond the conventional solutions of self-care. 
My book is packed with tips, practical information, anecdotes and mental exercises that will challenge you to think differently about your mind, body and spirit – from the food that goes into your mouth to the words that come out of it! 
Share in my tale of trials and triumphs in my first book – Helping Effortlessly: A Book of Inspiration and Healing.

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My Burnout Book

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