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How I healed myself:
a Burnout book on a survivor’s
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burnout book

Burnout book: prevention & recovery

Helping Effortlessly - A Self-Help Guide

As a mother, foster parent, youth counsellor, and wife, I once faced obesity, exhaustion, adult acne, mood swings, mild depression, asthma, and allergies. In short, I was broken and burned out at just 35.


I knew I had to reclaim my health. Thus began my burnout recovery journey, which led to the creation of my burnout book—an inspiring tale of healing.


Today, I’m vibrant, happy, and healthy, thanks to the healing power of food, inner peace, and self-love. Join me in my journey and discover the inspiration you need in my book.

burnout book

Book Reviews

"This truly is a book of inspiration as the title suggests! This book was wonderful, raw, and real. I felt like I was sitting in a counselling session with the author throughout her transformation."
Kyle Enns
Amazon Review
"Great read!! This was a fantastic book. Easy to read and very real, didn’t feel complicated. I was able to relate in so many ways. I have skimmed back through it several times since reading it.."
Carla D
Amazon Review


An Inspiring Journey....

This book is my personal journey. 
It starts with exhaustion, health issues, and unhappiness and ends with vibrancy, healing, and joy.
With candor, courage, and humor, I recount every step on my path from burnout to betterment, giving you an inside look at my vulnerable journey.
I invite you to embark on your own life-changing journey, discovering hope and practical ways to heal that go beyond the usual self-care solutions.
My book is filled with tips, practical insights, stories, and mental exercises that will challenge your perspective on mind, body, and spirit—from the food you consume to the words you speak!
Join me in my tale of trials and triumphs in my debut book – “Helping Effortlessly: A Book of Inspiration and Healing.”

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My Burnout Book

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