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I am passionate about inspiring people of all kinds to prevent and treat burnout, as a result we will build stronger communities. Here are some resources I recommend related to adrenal fatigue and burnout to get you started on your healing journey. These  include topics such as health and wellness, burnout prevention, diversity, adrenal fatigue, lifestyle, diet and more. 


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In-depth mindfulness opportunities

Mindfulness Everyday®

ME inspires and trains educators, community members, parents, and teens to develop personal mindfulness practices and create communities of inclusion. Jenn Bruer is a board member at ME®.

Diversity Without division

Don't Label Me

I first read this book prior to the pandemic, Irshad challenged and consequently altered my worldview as it pertains to diversity in a dramatic way. I always knew the political divide and ever polarizing landscape was a contributing factor to my burnout experience, yet I didn’t have the tools to fix it. This book armed me with tools. I hope you will read it for yourself and consider following the amazing contributions of my mentor Irshad Manji and her Moral Courage Project

Keto Supplement

Electrolyte replacement

I DO NOT make money to recommend this 🙂 Often people who suffer from burnout can suffer from electrolyte imbalances and this product can help bring the body back into a state of balance, especially as it pertains to our increased need for sodium during times of stress. I really believe in this product. For those also engaging in a ketogenic lifestyle, this is my favourite electrolyte replacement drink which delivers a good amount of sodium- often an overlooked requirement for those of use following keto.  Try it and see if it’s right for you.


Favorite Health Food Store

Check out my favourite health food store in Mississauga!! Azadeh Razavi is my go-to Homeopath, Nutritionist and Iridologist who always answers my questions, this  store stocks high quality supplements. If you are experiencing increased levels of stress or full-on burnout, check out her adaptogenic herbs which can be very helpful. I introduce this concept in Helping Effortlessly as well. If you check it out please tell them I sent you 🙂 


Free Mindfulness E-Book

Mindfulness has been a really important strategy in my burnout healing journey. Click the download button for my fun and FREE mindfulness e-book. These simple exercises are geared for beginners. Mindfulness is a skill backed by science to increase health and longevity and decrease stress, if you haven’t practiced mindfulness you are really missing out!


Keto Key Notes

I have prepared a PDF of some notes on keto for those wanting to explore a keto approach. Keto isn’t something I recommend for people who are experiencing burnout, but it can be helpful as a weight loss and blood sugar regulation tool for some.  

Special Offer

Mindfulness Headband

Anyone who has attended my Mindfulness workshop will know that I have been advocating for this innovative mindfulness headband for a while now. A consistent mindfulness practice is a great burnout recovery resource. 



Muse has been kind enough to make me an ambassador! This means my friends will receive a 15% discount at checkout and I will receive a small commission if you use the link below (a win for both).

Email me if you want to know more about this device and how it can help you build focus and attention.


Mindful Reach

I sit on the advisory board of this amazing organization, and I also contribute to creating life changing mindfulness curriculum. These amazing mindfulness courses through MindfulReach are geared toward professionals of all kinds. Mindfulness is a powerful tool for curbing stress and learning to stay in the moment.

The power of food

TED Talk

One of my all-time favourite sources of diet inspiration is Dr Terry Wahls. Check out her Ted Talk which is sure to inspire you toward a path of healing. Dr Wahls protocol is particularly focused on recovery of MS but her message is universal, her miraculous recovery really drives home the reality that food has the power to heal us in the most profound way. Food and nutrition is a real strategy to the recovery of burnout. 

Adrenal Health

The Adrenal Reset

One of my favourite books from Dr. Christianson is called “The Adrenal Reset”, this program works fast to restore adrenal function (and reduce stress response in the body). Dr Christianson is an expert on all things adrenal health related and the information he provides is easy to follow and understand. Many of the themes in my book are attributed to Dr Christianson’s work. People who are experiencing burnout usually have taxed adrenal glands, a phenomenon referred to as adrenal fatigue. 


Health & Diet Advice

For health related topics of all kinds consider adding Chris Kresser to your reading. Chris’s website is a wealth of knowledge. He also has participated in a famous vegan-paleo debate. If you are on the fence about which team you side with, check out that debate, it’s really informative. Whether you are resolving burnout, adrenal fatigue, or another health issue, Chris is you guy! 


Ketogenic Diet

If you are considering trying out a ketogenic diet Robb Wolfe is a great resource with lots of books, recipes and an online support group. Robb would feel differently, but I personally don’t recommend keto during a state of burnout. Still, try it out and see if this way of eating is for you! 


Keto Diet Advice

Dr Will Cole’s website is a wealth of information for those wanting to delve further into the plant based Keto world. Dr Cole is also a great person to follow in reference to overall health and wellness particularly adrenal health and burnout prevention. 

Life Advice

Foster Parenting

Are you looking to foster? I fostered for 18 years and didn’t regret it a day! If you have room to spare consider becoming a foster parent. Key Assets has locations all over the world. Give them a call from their website. If you do foster, read my book to prevent burnout! 

"Great read!! This was a fantastic book. Easy to read and very real, didn’t feel complicated. I was able to relate in so many ways. I have skimmed back through it several times since reading it.."

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