Jenn Bruer

Foster parenting- a spiritual calling

This is for foster parents & anyone who seeks to support them This came to me as I spent the last few weeks preparing to co-deliver a workshop to a group of foster parents, all seeking to make a difference in their respective corners of the world. This caused me to reflect on my ownContinue reading “Foster parenting- a spiritual calling”

Ungrateful teens? time travel as a parenting technique

Anyone who is or has raised teenagers can attest to the fact that parenting teens can be a stressful situation When it comes to stress management and burnout recovery, dealing with ungrateful teenagers is certainly something that can promote stress! Someone asked me the other day, how do I not build up resentment dealing withContinue reading “Ungrateful teens? time travel as a parenting technique”

Resistance much?

In my recently released book I wrote, in detail, about my physical, mental, and spiritual transformation, after recovering from burnout. This was an awakening of sorts, although that word feels a little clich√© and over-used, sounding a little too complete, as if I have awakened and I can lean back, cross my arms behind myContinue reading “Resistance much?”