Jenn Bruer

Be IN love, unconditionally

One contributing factor of burnout, I believe, is our armoured hearts. When we block the flow of love, it causes stress. Period. Love is healing, but on the path to unconditional love, our cultural obsession with lust and being “in love” is one that can paradoxically cut us off from love. Are you cut off from love?  A WEATHERContinue reading “Be IN love, unconditionally”

Cultivating compassion

What does compassion have to do with burnout prevention and recovery?  Everything.  Here are some self-compassion highlights Close your eyes and move the awareness from your mind to your heart centre, place your hand over your heart, take a deep breath and inhale compassion (because it’s your intention to do so) and exhale thoughts thatContinue reading “Cultivating compassion”

The path to unconditional love

I want to share with you what has been at the forefront of my journey for some time, the practice of unconditional love. The fact we have yet to perfect something is why we call it a “practice”. Along my journey to recovery from burnout I have experienced some regressive moments, heart crushing moments thatContinue reading “The path to unconditional love”