Jenn offers the following workshops. Please email Jenn for more information and for pricing.

***Can’t find the workshop you were hoping for? Jenn also provides custom content based on your organizational needs. Email Jenn at for more details or program outlines.

Burnout Prevention Beyond Self-Care, 90 minute condensed version– this workshop is a 90 minute lunch & learn style introductory workshop. This workshop will leave participants with 5 key strategies to stress management and burnout prevention. Jenn will convince participants that shifting the mind can be an effective stress management technique. This also includes a brief introduction to mindfulness.

Mindfulness: An Introduction– this workshop is a 90 minute lunch & learn style introductory workshop. This workshop will introduce the concept of mindfulness, this will include theory as well as practice. This will also highlight the different types of mindfulness practice as well as the possible outcomes of practicing mindful awareness.

Burnout Recovery Beyond Self-Care 4 hour in-depth training. You cannot recover from burnout with self-care alone. Recovering from burnout isn’t just about having long candle-lit baths. This workshop is geared toward helping professionals. Ever wonder if working inside a “broken system” is futile. Let Jenn Bruer walk you through her intricate journey of healing from burnout. This WILL inspire you to be a better helper. Feel like you can’t make a difference? This inspiring workshop will change your mind.

*** Note Burnout Prevention Beyond Self-Care can also be done in a 6 week style series.

Stress Management: A 6 week Health & Wellness Series

Session #1– Stress overview, why do we need to manage stress. Intro to supplements and herbal teas to improve the stress response- why do we need them, what do they do and how can they help us.

Session #2– Introduction to the concept of carb cycling and how making certain food choices at certain times of the day can improve stress hormone regulation.

Session #3– The paleo diet introduction. Intro the science behind the diet and also give tips and tools around how and why Jenn lives this way with some tailored exceptions.

Session # 4– Continuation of the diet theme, we touch on the Keto diet the good and the bad. How to make it work and how to know if it’s right for you.

Session #5– Light therapy and improving sleep issues. An intro to light therapy, the science behind it and other tips and tricks to all things SLEEP.

Session #6– Exercise. It can be a double-edged sword if you are someone struggling with stress- Discuss the dangers of sitting. Small movements that can be done at the desk.

Mindfulness Reflections Group– a 6 week series. The first session is the theory behind mindfulness followed by 5 sessions of mindfulness practice and journalling.

Down to Earth Paleo– A 90 minute workshop on the basics of the paleo diet and how to transition your lifestyle.

Spiritual Reflections Group- 6 week reflection group. Many companies are encouraging spirituality clubs and groups in the workplace. This often looks like a gathering at lunch or after work where employees can sit and discuss their spiritual journey with one another- this is an open and safe space. This usually runs as a 6-week series. This would look less “workshop-like” and is more a style of sitting in a circle and sharing. Jenn facilitates discussion and sharing and would have a topic each week to reflect on. This is a great way to build deeper relationships in the workplace, and ideally is a sign-up session and capped at 15 participants (since the topics are more personal in nature). Prior to the first session, input from the participants is gathered on what topics they would like to delve into for the series, relating to spirituality. There is always an explanation to employees that the views expressed in the group do not represent the company but that this should be a forum to open up conversation and provide a safe space for employees to explore in their personal lives. The company in this case is merely encouraging spirituality in the workplace to increase workplace connections and relations.