Jenn Bruer

Resistance much?

In my recently released book I wrote, in detail, about my physical, mental, and spiritual transformation, after recovering from burnout. This was an awakening of sorts, although that word feels a little cliché and over-used, sounding a little too complete, as if I have awakened and I can lean back, cross my arms behind myContinue reading “Resistance much?”

Chasing greatness

A couple of weeks ago I had my Book Launch Party, in celebration of my book that details my physical, mental, and spiritual recovery from Burnout. During the Q & A someone asked me what I have learned the most about myself in the process of writing Helping Effortlessly. This blog post comes from theContinue reading “Chasing greatness”

MINDFULNESS: There’s an app for that!

“If you truly want to change your life you must first change your mind.” ~Donald Altman If you’ve been following me and my personal story, you know that in 2011 I woke up feeling like a cliché victim of burnout. It was then that I began the long journey of burnout recovery. Years later afterContinue reading “MINDFULNESS: There’s an app for that!”