Jenn Bruer

Mindfulness for front-line workers

The concept of Mindfulness is becoming mainstream, even leading organizations like Apple and Google have jumped on the bandwagon, encouraging employees to engage in this practice with research, confirming this practice not only improves creativity, focus and production but also reduces fear, anxiety, judgmental attitudes, and BURNOUT. Burnout is a rampant affliction, especially across variousContinue reading “Mindfulness for front-line workers”

Beloved Ontario Child Advocate

As a burnout prevention and recovery teacher I keep my finger-on-the-pulse of the political happenings within the child welfare sector in Ontario. This is because I know all too well how much our “broken system” can at times be a contributing factor to the stress levels and wellbeing of those who serve within it. IfContinue reading “Beloved Ontario Child Advocate”