Jenn Bruer resides in the diverse suburb of Mississauga, Ontario with her wife and children, she is a Child & Youth Counsellor, and a retired foster mom after eighteen years of service within Toronto’s Child Welfare System. Jenn has been on a path to burnout recovery, health, and healing since 2011 and now encourages others toward a similar path of health and wellness.

Jenn is a cooking instructor through the President’s Choice Cooking Schools across the Greater Toronto Area. A long time foodie, Jenn has a real passion for food, the flavours and aromas, yes, but also the healing potential behind healthy from-scratch cooking.

Jenn provides training workshops on stress management, mindfulness and meditation, the paleo diet, the keto diet, spirituality in the workplace, and most recently PersonBrain™ trauma informed practices.

Jenn sits on the advisory board of Mindful Reach. She also consults and contributes to writing mindfulness curriculum for students all over the globe.

Jenn also creates delicious recipes for her hobby food blog Living Grainlessly which she began many years ago to encourage others to ditch processed foods for greater health.

Jenn is a passionate advocate for burnout prevention and recovery especially within helping fields. She believes a cultural shift is desperately needed and wants the world to know how undervalued professional helpers are. Professional helpers need more respect, funding, resources, and innovation. Simply put, our world needs to place more value on its helpers.

In her spare time Jenn enjoys hiking among the trees, biking, crocheting, yoga, meditation, reading, and of course cooking.