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Burnout Recovery and Self-Love Interview

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Jenn is a youth counsellor and a retired foster parent after eighteen years of service. Jenn is the author of Helping Effortlessly: A Book of Inspiration and Healing, a self-help book based on her personal experience of burnout recovery. She has been on her own path to burnout recovery, health and healing since 2011. Jenn is a Mindfulness and Stress Management workshop provider and public speaker. Jenn has recently partnered with Mindful Reach to help create online learning opportunities to bring Mindfulness Based Practice to the frontlines, Jenn also sits on their advisory board.

2 thoughts on “Burnout Recovery and Self-Love Interview

  1. I just love the way Jenn approaches all that is asked of her , she is so down to earth and makes you think about all the different aspects of life! Could you imagine if schools taught more on self love stress control meditation and all the things she talks about in a formal classroom!! Think how much the world would change ! The burnouts and self loathing would surely be set to a much lower scale!! I never was taught how to really express myself and held a lot in for many reasons, but am able to see things now very different .. I wish more children had teachers like Jenn in the schools ! She is so patient and really makes you think about things .. I find her in my head for hours after (so to speak )helping me with things I really need to focus on ! Thank you for another interesting pod cast !

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