Jenn Bruer

The great valley of oneness

There have been so many movies and stories that paint a similar picture- it’s the picture of a person travelling relentlessly toward a destination- a destination only heard about in legends, the destination is that of a beautiful land of abundance, great landscapes, lush trees, waterfalls, love, and peace- a true heaven on earth. The dinosaurs in the sweet children’s movies A Land Before Time who are in search of the Great Valley is one such depiction of this. 

On their travels to a land greater than this one, doubt and fear always seep in; these vibrations lead a person to question if it’s better to just hunker down as is, stay where they are with the certainty and familiarity available in choosing stagnation, yet something inside makes them carry on- a map unseen.

Right now, we hear sentiments reaching our collective consciousness that speaks of a grand legend, a truth most know and most feel with utter conviction- but for most this is embraced only in theory, not yet in practice. It’s the truth that “we are all connected”, that there is no separation from one human to another, our separateness is a mere earthly illusion. 

As I grow older in my travels toward this truth, it’s a land I have yet to see since all I can perceive is my separateness, I walk, tired and hopeful with my heart centred unseen map toward this truth.  Some might glance over and say “you’re crazy that is just a legend, that land doesn’t exist”, but we feel with all of our being that we must keep travelling. 

I will always yearn to arrive at the Great Valley of Oneness, and if I do, I will take you with me since, I know, at least in my mind’s eye, that we are all connected. 

Published by Jenn Bruer

Jenn is a youth counsellor and a retired foster parent after eighteen years of service. Jenn is the author of Helping Effortlessly: A Book of Inspiration and Healing, a self-help book based on her personal experience of burnout recovery. She has been on her own path to burnout recovery, health and healing since 2011. Jenn is a Mindfulness and Stress Management workshop provider and public speaker. Jenn has recently partnered with Mindful Reach to help create online learning opportunities to bring Mindfulness Based Practice to the frontlines, Jenn also sits on their advisory board.

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